Travel Details 2023

We will spend the bulk of our time excavating the Hellenistic and Roman site of Shikhin near Nazareth, at the edge of the “Tuscany of Israel,” the Beit Netofa Valley in Lower Galilee. Our team will be made up of university students, professionals, and retirees from the US, Israel, and other countries.

It truly is the experience of a lifetime.

Arrive at the Hotel GalileeJune 3
Tour the sites of Shikhin and SepphorisJune 4
First day in the fieldJune 5
Tour site possibilities: Magdala, Capernaum, Cana, Yodfat, Caesarea Philippi, Majduliya, Sea of GalileeJune 10
Tour site possibilities: Beit Alpha, Beit She’an, Megiddo, Beit She’arim, Caesarea, Mediterranean SeaJune 17
Free weekend (student field exam on Sunday afternoon)June 25-25
Last day in the fieldJune 30
Jerusalem! Tours of the Old City, shopping, restaurants, night life, museums, and side trips to Bethlehem, Herodium, Qumran, Masada, and the Dead SeaJune 30-
July 3
Fly home and get some sleepJuly 3

*There may be some adjustments