Daily Dig Schedule

To beat the heat, we start early and are finished digging by 12:30 pm.

Gone are the days of living in tents! We have the advantage of living at the Galilee Hotel in downtown Nazareth, an air conditioned hotel whose staff spoils us with Wi-Fi connections, heaps of delicious food, and their own travel agency, Mary’s Well Tours.

Mary’s Well Tours makes our travel arrangements, and can help you arrange travel anywhere in the country and to sites in Jordan.

We spend three Saturdays traveling to other archaeological sites and places of interest, including taking dips in the Sea of Galilee and the blue Mediterranean.

We usually have one free weekend, when many people travel on their own or with new friends.

There is also a final, optional three-day weekend in Jerusalem to visit museums, shop, experience the Old City, ride camels on the Mount of Olives, and take side trips to places like Bethlehem, Herodium, Qumran, Masada, and the Dead Sea.

Jeff Posey and a cup waster found in I.5, 2015. Photo by James Riley Strange.
Daily Itinerary
Wake up, first breakfast 4:00 am
Load up and drive to site 4:30 am
Arrive at site and start work 5:00 am
Second breakfast in the field 8:30 am
Fruit break 10:30 am
Pack up, drive to the hotel 12:15 pm
Lunch at the hotel 1:00 pm
Pottery registration and afternoon chores 1:30 pm
Pottery reading on the roof of the hotel 4:30 pm
Dinner 6:00 pm
Lecture (Monday through Thursday) 7:00 pm
Paperwork and evening chores 8:00 pm
Bedtime 9:00 pm